AdVANCE-10K documents

1. Published papers / Julkaistut paperit:


The Finnish supra-long pine chronology: a wider publication list here / Lapin pitkä lustokalenteri: laajempi julkaisuluettelo täällä.

2. Analysis papers / Analyysipaperit:



Tree-ring growth based Temperature models for the Finnish timberline region. MS/Excel file. Lustia Project document.


Wilson, R. 2010. The longest tree-ring chronologies in the world. Table.

Jiang, J., Timonen, M., Eronen, M., Helama, S & Mielikäinen, K. 2010. Comparisons of subseries trend-changes in Tree-ring index for 7630 years in Finland with those in southwest of USA. Same also as a Poster. Poster session PB1.06. Page 278 in the Abstract Book. WorldDendro 2010 - 8th Conference on Dendrochronology June 13-18, 2010, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Timonen, M., Helama, S. & Mielikäinen, K. 2010. Studies with the Finnish 7644-year pine chronology. Poster session PA2.14. Page 247 in the Abstract Book. Same also as a Poster. WorldDendro 2010 - 8th Conference on Dendrochronology June 13-18, 2010, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Timonen, M. 2010. RCS modelling problemacy. Slide series (35 slides). Oral presentation in B1.07 (New techniques and statistical approaches). Page 103 in the Abstract Book. WorldDendro 2010 - 8th Conference on Dendrochronology June 13-18, 2010, Rovaniemi, Finland. Note also the Poster.

Timonen,M., Mielikäinen, K. & Helama, S. 2006. Climate from the 7639-year unbroken Scots pine tree-ring chronology for Finnish Lapland. Poster. The 7thICD international conference of Dendrochronology in Beijing, June 11-17,2006.


Timonen, M. 2007. Yhteenveto ilmastonmuutoksesta: Mennyt, nykyinen ja tuleva ilmasto vuosilustoista tulkittuna / parempi laatu (116 kuvaa, 51 MB). Luentoja ilmastosta opettajille Lapin lääninhallituksen järjestämässä koulutustilaisuudessa 18.11.2007.

Timonen, M. 2007. Past, Present and Future Climate from Tree-Rings. 46 slides. Studies on past and present climate change in Finnish Lapland, based on the 7641-yr supra-long pine chronology for Finnish Lapland. Forest Science Day 23-Oct-2007, arranged by The Finnish Society of Forest Science and Taksaattoriklubi, themed as "Adaptation to climate change and Finnish Forests". The House of Sciences (Tieteiden talo), Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki, Finland.


Timonen, M. 2005. Solving the Finnish highlights in the Advance-10K project. How was the serious gap problema around 350-150 BC solved while building the Finnish supralong chronology of Scots pine. 25 slides. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

Timonen, M. 2005. The Lustia Project and the over 7500 years long Scots pine chronologies / High resolution poster. Poster. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

Timonen, M. 2005. Lapin ilmastohistoria vuosilustojen perusteella. 105 kuvaa. ADVANCE-10K Project document.


Eronen, M., Helama,S., Lindholm, M. & Timonen, M., 2003. The Finnish 7633 years long pine chronology. Poster.

Eronen, M., Lindholm, M., Meriläinen, J. & Timonen,M. 2003. Holocene climatic and environmental changes inferred from the continuous over 7500 years long pine tree-ring chronology for northern Finland. Poster.

Kultti, S., Mikkola, K., Virtanen, T., Timonen, M. & Eronen, M. 2003. Past changes in the Scots pine treeline and climate in Finnish Lapland - evidence from pine megafossils and lake sediments. Poster. Eurodendro 2003 10-14 September 2003. University of Innsbruck, Institute of High Mountain Research, Innsbruck, Austria.


Eronen, M., Lindholm, M., Helama; S., Meriläinen, J. & Timonen, M. 2002. Summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the millennial tree-ring archive of Fennoscandian forest-limit Scots Pine. ESF–HOLIVAR workshop, Lammi Finland, April 17-20th 2002. Climate reconstructions from tree rings in northern Fennoscandia. Discussion paper.

Timonen, M. 2002. Mysterious_330bc_event. 4 slides. ADVANCE-10K Project document.


Ogurtsov, M.G., Lindholm, M., Eronen, M., Jungner, H., Sonninen, E., Timonen,M. & Helama, S. 2001. Evidence from the supra-long pine chronology for solar activity and climate in northern Scandinavia. Poster. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

Timonen, M. 2001. A new 7638-yr chronology 2004 (128-yr extension). 22 slides. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

Timonen, M. 2001. Updated 7520-yr chronology (correction of gap data). 5 pages. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

Timonen, M. 2001. Original ring width series for the whole chronology. 1 slide.. ADVANCE-10K Project document.


Timonen. M. 1999. Annual report 1999. Project report. ADVANCE-10K Project document.


Timonen, M. 1998. Independent chronologies. 7 pages. ADVANCE-10K Project document.

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