Lustia subproject1: Lustia Tree-Ring Laboratories

Our mission is to fulfil the needs of Metla's own projects using the best available
laboratory techniques and quality controlling

The mission will be fulfilled:

1) by practising routine-like laboratory activities, e.g. tree-ring measurements,
   dating, and chronology development;

2) by adjusting and developing laboratory techniques and also laboratory
    infrastructure responding to changing needs of future tree-ring research.

3) by actively testing the new measuring and analysing techniques available in
    tree-ring science and share those knowledge with the other labs of Metla.

4) by updating and developing Metla's own KINSYS-tree-ring analysis software,
    developed by the author.

5) by writing and keeping up to date the Lustia Handbook, a detailed manual
   describing, how tree-ring work in Metla should be done to meet the
    international standard and compabitility.






Technicians Tauno Luosujärvi (upper figure) and Rauno Ovaskainen work in Metla's dendrochronological laboratories in Rovaniemi and Kolari.

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