Subproject 2: Lustia Tree-Ring Data and Metadata Archives

The mission is to improve the availability and the accessibility of Finnish tree-ring data,
also specimen  and related metadata

The mission will be fulfilled:
1) by building a tree-ring database, called the FTRDB (the Finnish Tree-Ring Data Base),
    for archiving quality-controlled Finnish tree-ring data. One part of this work is already
    done by docent Jouko Merilšinen in Saima tree-ring laboratory in Savonlinna. The data
    for 42 Finnish sites was delivered to the paleoclimate division of  NOAA. The author's
    method with quality control documentation was used for data delivery. See the details
    in the Saima homepage (Fig 1.)

2) by classifying and storing the useful part of tree-ring specimen (cores, cross-sections)
    in specified storages for the future needs of research. The barcode techniques are
    applied for identifying the samples.

3) by creating special meta-archives for saving heterogeneous research stuff like forms,
    photos, videos, graphics, analysis results etc.

4) by creating a special database for text-picture-keyword cards. Because the cards must
    be viewed on computer screen, the system is called the Lustia ScreenCards archive.
    A screen card is created by splitting the screen into two main windows and filling the
    right one with an illustrative picture/graphic/animation/video/computer Program/any
    non-text feature, and adding to the left, also splitted window, the other necessary
    minimum information: the text and the keywords. Extra classifying data, references,
    etc. may be flexibly added to their own windows. The Screen cards can also be applied
    as an extended abstract system for presenting a scientific report by 5-10 screen cards.
    They can be kept together or just giving them independent status in the database.

5) by arranging an easy-to-access interface to all the forms of data, included the metadata.
    See, how Lustia's Data and Metadata Exhange System and the Interface will be built.

A view to the tree-ring database of Saima lab.

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