Subproject 3: Exploring the Lustia Archives

The mission is to develop methods describing the characteristics  of the tree-ring data and the related metadata stored in the  Lustia archives.

The mission will be fulfilled:
1) by applying and developing descriptive statistical methods, e.g. distribution
   viewing, average calculations and simple modelling.

2) by building specific and regional tree-ring chronologies for climatic,
    environmental and dating purposes. Chronology building is based on Cook's
    conceptual tree-ring model.

3) by developing true GIS-applications, with a special reference to dendroclimatic

4) by adapting new methods in sampling and sample collection, especially utilizing
    the GPS-techniques and multilayered environmental information (satellite and
    aerial photos, basic maps, classified informatios etc.). A flexible GPS-software
    with a dynamic 3D-viewing , called Ozi Explorer, has proved to be a key
    tool for field work planning.

5) by calculating traditional regional growth indices for forestry purposes.

6) by establishing co-operation and projects with the organisations and
    researchers working with multiproxy data. Multiproxy research will no doubt
    expand rapidly within the next few years. 7) by monitoring annual changes in
    the Finnish climate. Annually updated Tree-ring indices. instrumental data
    (temperature and precipitation) and some macroclimate variables like the NAO
    index are the key variables for assessing the changes.







Examples show how Ozi Explorer, a program developed for GPS applications, can be used for sampling purposes




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