Lustia subproject 4: LustiaLand and Lustia net lab

The mission is:
1) to provide a workshop and tools for interactive
     communication with the Lustia archives and 
2) to establish a communications forum for the public
     generally interested in the world of tree-ring science.

The mission will be fulfilled:
1) by providing a web-based interface for easy access to the Lustia

2) by developing a special tool accessing the archives, a multimedia
    presentation manager, for creating individual graphics, posters,
    powerpoint presentations, videos, even reports from the database.
3) by establishing a communications forum called Lustia Info Center
    that will include news, discussion, publication, exhibition and
    other interesting forums of tree-ring science.

4) by developing an application effectively exploiting the potential
    of the Screen Card database.








Figure. The Lustia project  was planned in close cooperation with the researchers of the university of Arizona. Particularly Thomas P. Harlan (sitting at microscope), the leader of  the Bristlecone pine collection and archiving project, was the inspirative source of good suggestions in the course of setting up the Finnish "cousin"  project.




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