subproject 5: Lustia Project Management

The mission is adjust, direct and optimize the use of resourses in the
Lustia project.

The mission will be fulfilled:
 1) by annual planning and a MS-Excel-based real-time project table
     that helps in adjusting the functions of the project between the
     planning periods.

2) by making at the end of each year an analysis about the results of
    the project and writing a critical report to be used as the planning
    material of the next year.

3) by arranging training for the project personnel.

4) by arranging evaluative meetings with the network companions
    and adapting the useful recommendations

5) by establishing joint projects with other tree-ring laboratories.









Figure. Most of the dendrochronological research in Metla has been done  under Professor Kari Mielikäinen's  (right, left Mauri Timonen) lead. Here an over 4000 years old subfossil log, excavated from the muddy bottom  layer of lake Koierijärvi, is being sampled. All the specimen like this will be archived in the databases and storerooms of Lustia.


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