LUSTIA project: a laboratory and tree-ring research development PROJECT

The main objectives of the LUSTIA –project are:
    1) to develop and internationalize Metla’s tree-ring research practice;

    2) to advance the use of Finnish tree-ring data by establishing a joint quality control system,
        permanent tree-ring archives and developing an Internet-based communications system and
   3) to improve scientific skills in Metla’s tree-ring research

The main objectives will be realized in five subprojects. The two most important tasks in the
subproject 1 Lustia Tree-Ring Laboratories are producing high-quality tree-ring data and
building regional (supra-long)chronologies.

The subproject 2 Lustia Archives is dedicated to creating several kinds of permanent archives:
at the moment there are the following archives in construction:
- a tree-ring databank (FTRDB, Finnish Tree-Ring Data Bank),
- a specimen bank for the needs of future researchers,
- an exhibition house for introducing specimen of special interest to the public,
- a digital and video archives for illustrative presentations
- a multimedia dendrochronology archive, called the Screen card archive, for scientific and
     over-all presentation needs.

The subproject 3 Data Explorer uses the data of the Lustia archives and the annually collected data
and produces up-to-date time series information for the needs of research, practical forestry, media
and amateurs.

The rich information can be monitored and studied in the communications subproject 4 LustiaLand,
taking into consideration user level and user's special instructions.

The subproject 5 Project Manager aims at monitoring and improving the actions of the
dynamic project for more effective project results.

All the work with the above mentioned archives aim at building a wide research data base system for
scientific needs. The final system, maybe called the FDDBS (the Finnish Dendrochronology Data Base
System) will provide tree-ring, climatic and environmental data through user-defined queries.

See also the missions of Lustia and how to make them true.

The documentation of Lustia (in Finnish) is available: 1) Project plan 2) Annual plan for 2004

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