Lustia virtual internet laboratory

One of our infrastructural projects for developing Finnish dendro is called "Lustia Virtual Internet Laboratory" or "Virtual House of Dendrochronology". It is an attempt to develop a joint virtual labororatory system for better cooperation and communication in dendrochronological activities in Finland.

Lustia Virtual Lab

The Virtual House of Dendrochronology is scheduled to be introduced by mid 2010. The system will connect at least eight tree-ring labs from Metla, one lab from the University of Helsinki and one from Saima Centre.

Metla's all eight tree-ring labs are small, just equipped with one or two tree-ring measurement devices and engaged by 1-2 persons. But as all these labs were joined to work together, an efficient tree-ring lab with the measuring power of 15-20 tree-ring measurement systems and the capacity of 30-50 persons would be available!


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