The role of Lustia in Metla's tree-ring research

The Lustia project is one link in the chain of Metla's projects, started in 1992, trying to describe and
understand the importance of different time scales in forest research. The keywords natural variability,
time scales, the last 10 000 years, trends, multidisciplinary research, paleo research, holocene,
tree-ring science, dendrochronology and proxy data,
give some idea of the topic discussed here.

Attention in the Lustia project is paid more to technical and infrastructural than to scientific aspects.
The main objectives in the LUSTIA project are:

1) to unify and develop Metla’s tree-ring laboratory practice;

2) to advance the use of Finnish tree-ring data by establishing
) a general quality control system for securing high-quality data,
) a permanent tree-ring data and metadata archiving (database) system
       for better availability and accessibility and
) an Internet-based multilevel user interface for communicating and
        using interactively the archives

3) to prepare Metla's research culture and research infrastructure for
    challenging the future needs of internationally driven environmental
    projects, considering e.g. climate change.
The main objectives will be realized in five subprojects. The main subproject 1 (Lustia Tree-Ring
Laboratories)focuses on producing high-quality tree-ring data and laboratory readiness for
international tree-ring research.

The purpose of the subproject 2 (Lustia Archives) is to produce qualified tree-ring and related data
and to take responsibility for permanent data availability and documentation.

The subproject 3 (Lustia Explorer) using the data of the Lustia archives and the annually collected
data, is dedicated to analysis of up-to-date time series information for the needs of research,
practical forestry, media and amateurs.

The rich information can be monitored and studied in the communications subproject 4
(LustiaLand) Making into consideration user level and special instructions.

The subproject 5 (Lustia Project Management) aims at monitoring and improving the actions of the
project for more effective project output.






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