DENDROchronological laboratory at ROVANIEMI

Mauri Timonen and Kari Mielikäinen work with pine megafossils in 1994
Underwater Dendrochronology Sampling is Fun!

The Dendrochronological Laboratory of Rovaniemi Forest Research Unit (Metla) was established in 1993. There was a quite carefully prepared plan, how to develop Metla's dendrochronological research. A lot of help in the establishment work of the lab was given by the many scientists of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona. Malcolm K. Hughes, Jeff S. Dean, Ramzi Touchan and especially Thomas P. Harlan adviced and brainstormed in the run of many years what should be done in the Finnish dendrochronology. Also the ADVANCE-10K project, led by Keith R. Briffa from CRU, UK, gave a great kick off and useful feedback for developing the lab's dating and dendrochronological research methods. Later on, in 2003, Metla established a lab development project called Lustia for improving the Institute's dendrochronological research.

The Lustia Project, in the lead of by Mauri Timonen, created the "Finnish style" of dendrochronological activity. What all does that include? Some highlights: Finnish tree-ring data format called the KINSYS format; unique MELTIH data-metadatabase system; The KINSYS-Cofecha dating method and The KINSYS Software, probably the largest software ever built in Metla! The Lustia website, maintained in Rovaniemi, keeps the world informed about the most ongoing Finnish tree-ring projects. And there is still one: this dendrolab is world-famous for its  underwater dendrochronology or "Sub-aqua Tree-Ring Research!"

The Dendrolab Rovaniemi runs a wide spectrum of dendrochronological research, some of them mentioned here: timberline studies, growth of stands, effects of forestry in stand growth, climate change, age and origin of wood, forest damage and fire history. See some references here.

An associated laboratory, Risto Jalkanen's Needle Trace Lab, operates also at Rovaniemi Forest Research Unit.

Staff and Speciality:
Mauri Timonen:     Dendro methods development and research
Tauno Luosujärvi: Technician
Tapio Timonen:    Computer Expert, the KINSYS/MELTIH system

More about Rovaniemi Research Unit here.  

Tauno uses the Eklund based system

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