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Tree-Ring Data Bank SAIMA



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A dozen dedicated field and laboratory workers worked over two decades (1985-2007) in the tree-ring lab of SAIMA. They sampled, measured and cross-dated until producing a
unique national collection of ring-width data from living Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). They also pioneered lake-bottom (subfossil) sampling in southern Finland and built nearly 1450-year pine chronology for the south-eastern region.

This great data collection is available on this website. If you are planning to use these datasets for research purposes, don't hesitate to contact for more details and assistance.

Best wishes,
Dr. Jouko Merilšinen
The Tree-Ring Data Bank SAIMA
Jouko Merilšinen sampling the over 600-yr living pines in Northern Lapland

   Dr. Jouko Merilšinen sampling old pines in
   Karhupesavaara in Finnish Lapland

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