Finnish pine (Pinus sylvestris), reaching its northern timberline in Finnish and Swedish Lapland, has become one of the most important global sources of proxy data. Easy crossdating based on high signal of July mean temperature in tree-rings and excellent preservation of wood material have made it possible to build even an over 7500 years long pine chronology. We have also built, based on tree-ring data from over 80 lakes, numerous shorter chronologies covering different periods of a 7640-yr (by 2007) span.

The collected tree-ring data with its strong temperature signal has proven to be ideal for investigating climatic variations and trends. The climate data of Sodankylš meteorological station, observed continuously since 1901, and some other long climate records in Sweden and Norway have given a steady basis for our dendroclimatological research.

Our scientific team wrote in 1998 a book about the "memory" of trees, called "Puun Muisti". Unfortunately this book is only in Finnish.

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