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12-Jul-2009 Discussion at Climate Audit:
Sea Ice At Lowest Level In 800 Years

07-Jan-2009 07-Jan-2009 Discussion at Climate Audit:
1a. The Finnish "Supra-Long" Chronology #1
1b. The Finnish "Supra-Long" Chronology #2
2. Briffa and Sodankyla Church


20-Jun-2008 Finnish Finish "Global Warming" World Climate Report comments on our Zakopane poster “Climate variation (cycles and trends) and climate predicting from tree-rings”.

                    Suomalaista viileyttä ilmastonlämpenemiskeskusteluun! World Climate Report-toimittajan näkemykset tutkijaryhmän ilmastonmuutosposterista.

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An example: a summary of some Lustia related discussions on the Net (242 comments by the year 2009, 2934 pages, pdf 41 MB).

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ICECAP (International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project). Discusses about the dynamic climate. Blogosphere: topics and blogroll (where also "Finland Lustia Dendrochronology Project" included)

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