The Lustia project and archiving tree-ring material

The Finnish Forest Research Institute (Metla) launched in 2004 a new project called Lustia - A Tree-Ring Research and Laboratory Development Project. The project is divided to five subprojects. Data archiving is just one but a very important part of it.

The FTRDB (Finnish Tree-Ring DataBase) was in the earlier stage more a databank than a sophisticated database. The first thing was to bring the data available in a simple form. We use the well-known ITRDB/Decadal (Tucson) format. Later on there will be a more advanced database system that provides both tree-ring, climatic and environmental data. How are we going to build the system? Recent rapid advancement in computing technology, especially in the Internet techniques, offers new possibilities. We have chosen a flexible, dynamic and technically developed approach based on the facilities of Microsoft's Visual Studio.

See, how Lustia's Data and Metadata Exhange System and the Interface will be built.


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