The LUSTIA DENDROCHRONOLOGY PROJECT  is a platform for exchanging data and sharing documentation provided by Finnish Dendrochronologists. The acronym LUSTIA originates from LUSto TIetoArkisto, where LUSto = tree-ring; TIeto =  information and Arkisto = Archives). The predecessor of the LUSTIA website, called the FINTRLABS (acronym for FINnish TRee-ring LABS) website, was established in 1997 as a joint mission for setting a platform for the results and the large study material (samples, data files and related meta data) collected  in 1996-1999 by the Finnish ADVANCE-10K subproject team. The supralong chronology of timberline pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) no doubt is the flagship of Finnish Dendrochronology.  The over 7600-year year-exact tree-ring calendar ranks as the longest conifer tree-ring chronology in Eurasia and the second-longest in the world. It is also one of the climatically most sensitive tree-ring data sets available in Dendrochronology. 

METLA (The Finnish Forest Research Institute) launched in 2004 a five-year development project  LUSTIA  for finishing the Finnish Tree-Ring Data Standard and Research system. The Lustia Project also aimed at adjusting the forestry based methodology towards the more internationally applied methods of Dendrochronology. All the high 20-year activity in Dendrochronology since the Tucson Conference 1994 helped the small community of Finnish Dendrochronologists  having the honour of hosting the World Dendro 2010 conference. After this boost, Finnish Dendrochronology has expanded into new research fields, however,  still connected to the valuable datasets of the supralong chronology. We hope to make new breakthroughs e.g. in the CARATE project.

The LUSTIA DENDROCHRONOLOGY PROJECT keeps on tracking the events and continues communicating on this website, and also on two Facebook sites

Welcome checking this website and enjoying the World of Finnish Dendrochronology! 

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