Kinsys: a Finnish tree-ring research system

The KINSYS — an Integrated Tree-Ring Research System was originally developed for the needs of Metla’s tree-ring analysis. The basic format, called the KS/.MIT format (check the example data KSFILE.MIT and in more detail HERE) was adopted from Kari Sauvala's tree-ring measurement software called KS. There is also two matrix-type KINSYS data formats: a .KIN format (KSFILE.KIN) and a .KIM format (KSFILE.KIM) created by the KINDATA program of the KINSYS Software. The data structure of the KINSYS system is fully compatible with the most common tree-ring data formats are called ITRDB/.RWL (KSFILE.TUC) and "compact" format.CPT format (KSFILE.CPT). More about the ITRDB system NOAA Paleodata website. Check also Tucson format.

The operating environment of the KINSYS software is two-lingual (Finnish-English). The software is an integrated collection of 14 programs that manipulate and describe tree-ring and climate data, run dating procedures, perform some statistical analysis like linear regression modelling with interactive residual analysis, RCS-modelling and Age Banding, dendroclimatic analysis, time series analysis, calculate RBAR and EPS values etc. It also prepares the data and the results for the use of commercial graphical software. The software has some nice features which are not very commonly available. For example the KINDATA program is suitable for tree-ring data manipulation, Cofecha-based dating and calculating statistics like the widely used RBAR and EPS values.

The first parts of the software were written in 1977. The latter half of the 1990s was the most active period in developing the modelling and index analysis features of the software. Laborous dating work needed in the ADVANCE-10K project in 1996-1999 encouraged to develop a quicker and more sophisticated way of developing tree-ring chronologies. The KINSYS-Cofecha Quality Control and Dating system, based on the Cofecha output and some KINSYS applications, is described HERE. The last few years have mostly been more maintaining than developing the software. There still, however, is some activity going on in updating and modifying the system triggered by the needs of ongoing tree-ring analysis. The The KINSYS Software consists today of 1233 subroutines, inclusing 175 000 lines of Fortran code. Estimated as full A4 pages (2000 chars per page), the tested Fortran code alone would fill a book of 2658 pages long or about 32 cm thick!

There is still some activity in developing the Kinsys Software. Attention is especially paid for improving and developing the features requested in the ongoing dendro projects. Considering future activity in developing our Finnish dendro analysis system, we have been for some time busy with a challenging task called The Internet Virtual Lab (GLIK -MELTIH). This approach is based on the new impressive techniques provided by the Microsoft MS Visual Studio 2008. We aim at developing a Virtual Dendro Lab on the Internet that provides a unique world-wide platform for flawless exchange and sharing of tree-ring data and other resources. The system utilizes object-triented programming techniques in establishing connections, data exchange and data analysis. This advanced system will control actually everything connected to tree-rings. The system will be introduced in 2010 in the international conference on Dendrochronology called World Dendro 2010.

INSTALLING THE KINSYS SOFTWARE: enter the Software Download Page.

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