The 8th international conference on dendrochronology

11-Oct-2014. The Official WorldDendro 2010 website  here (listed in Metla's former events) and with some recent updates here.

21-Aug-2010. The Next World Dendrochronology Conference in Australia!
Jim's Speer's email yesterday on the ITRDB Dendrochronology Forum:

"Hello All, I would like to thank the three institutions that created excellent proposals and all of you that voted for the location of WorldDendro 2014. Voting closed yesterday (Aug 18th) and 247 people placed votes. Based on a strong majority, the location of the next conference will be in Melbourne Australia! We all look forward to hearing more from Melbourne as our next international conference approaches. Thank you all for your active participation in the world dendrochronology community!" Jim Speer

Dear Australian WD2014 Organisers: We Finnish WD2010 conference organisers are pleased to congratulate you for the WD2014 conference! Because of your exceptional nature and history, you have now a great possibility to introduce not only your Tree-Ring Science but also some of your local specialities/peculiarities to the whole Dendrochronological World! We wish you, the WD2014 organisers, a great planning time full of inspiration! As remembering our four-year period of the WD2010 planning, I just can say that it was a very joyful lifetime experience to us organizers! As having now experienced organizing our Finnish WD2010 conference, we encourage you to start your planning right away! That’s because the next four years will be like a “breeze”. Please feel free to contact us in any questions concerning the conference planning.

Wishing to contribute everybody of us orienting and attending the Australian WD2014 conference, and in order to “stimulate” the Australian conference organisers, I enclose here Margit Pudas-Timonen's congratulations and her feature article about strangler fig trees found on the Atherton Tableland in Tropical North Queensland: On the land of aboriginals, tracking the footprints of James Cook. That’s just one appearance of the fascinating Australian nature!

Good Luck and Success in Your Great Task!

On behalf of the Finnish WD2010 Organising Team,


11-Jul-2010.The World Dendro 2010 Conference: Conference Activities Report.

16-Jun-2010. The Year of Dendrochronology in Finland! A great highlight in the Finnish tree-ring science takes place on the 13-18th of June, 2010, as about 350 tree-ring scientists from 42 countries meet in Rovaniemi, Finland, in the World Conference of Dendrochronology. The conference, called World Dendro 2010, or just WD2010, is held every 4th year. Last time, in 2006, it was held in Beijing. The year 2010 is an anniversary to us Finnish tree-ring scientists, because 1) METLA reaches a milestone 90-years in tree-ring science; 2) Dr. Risto Jalkanen has been doing his NMT work for 20 years; 3) it is now 10 years from the completion of our 7644 years long year-exact and climate sensitive timberline pine chronology and finally as "sugar at the bottom": 4) we have the great honour of hosting the WD2010 conference! We, the organising committee of the WD2010 conference, wish everybody rewarding moments with the year of Finnish Tree-Ring Science!

- For more information and side stories, check the official World Dendro 2010 website.
- An updated slide series telling about the most recent discoveries in Finnish Tree-Ring Science: Climate in Finnish Lapland -warming or cooling? (81 slides, 15 MB).
- If you have a Facebook account, try these two Dendrochronology forums: WorldDendro 2010 - 8th Conference on Dendrochronology and Henri Grissino-Mayer's The Tree-Ring Times.

09-Nov-2009. We received over 450 abstracts by the extented deadline of 08-NOV-2009! Part of these, of course, will be canceled for different reasons, but we anticipate about 350 participants to attend the conference. This is, to us conference arrangers, very exciting and very challenging!

16-Oct-2009. The 8th Conference on Dendrochronology, to be held in Rovaniemi the 13-18th of June, 2010, seems to be the largest ever in the history of International Tree-Ring Science. The previous conference in Beijing in 2006 was attented by ca 290 participants. We have by now, 15-Oct-2009, received 340 abstracts. And this is not all, because we decided to give three more weeks for submitting abstracts. We are now excited to see whether our original estimate of 400 participants even exceeds. If so happens, it is a "wow" and means pretty swetty days to us conference arrangers. But we are happy and proud to be a part of this kind of very challenging international process. More about the topic on the official WD2010 Conference website.

12-Dec-2008 Welcome to the official World Dendro 2010 Website!

20-Jun-2008 The Finnish WD2010 organizing committee accepted many important principles in the recent June-04 meeting in Rovaniemi.
I am, however, not going here into details; I just state that we, in order to control a huge amount of all kinds of details, established a genuine project plan for easier and better managing of all the WD2010 arrangements. We hope the WD2010 project planning document, designed and authored by Harri Mäkinen, completed sometime in 2010, will be useful also in future conference organizing.

The other great project, simply called "The IT Project" (IT acronym for Information Technology), aims at boosting the WD2010 conference with a wider spectrum of media tools and methods for advanced scientific presentation. We can not yet, in this stage of planning, go into details; only some general aspects can be discussed.

The project outline is mainly based on the ideas of "The New Science of Information Technology", introduced and also soon publicly defended by Development Manager Ilkka Kamaja from the University of Lapland. One of our challenges in the project is to create a Virtual World Dendro Conference (VWD2010) on the Internet. This open forum is scheduled to start in good time before the WD2010 conference and is planned to continue as long as needed.

01-Jun-2008 The Finnish WD2010 Organizing Committee's next meeting will be held in Rovaniemi on the 4th of June, 2008. There actually will be two independent approaches for organizing the next International Conference on Dendrochronology. The first approach aims at a high-level conference arrangements. The other approach challenges the Information Technology Group of the University of Lapland boosting the conference into a new standard.

20-May-2008 WD2010 Conference Website will be soon opened! Just check the announcements on Dendroforum (joining) and on the pages of the following tree-ring associations: TRS, ATR and ADA (link missing) websites and, of course, this site!

07-May-2007 The Trace 2007 meeting in Riga was just held. There was also an ATR member meeting where planning of the WorldDendro2010 conference was officially launched [check the Announcement (8 MB)]. Check also the Updated Document 20-May-2008 "An Initial Plan to Establish a Project-Based Approach for Arranging the 8th International Conference on Dendrochronology (2 MB).

15-Jun-2006 Planning of the 8th International Conference on Dendrochronology or called World Dendro 2010 or just "WD2010" has started! Check the announcements on the ATR and TRS websites.

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