This pages includes session topics for WorldDendro 2010. When submitting your abstract, you should choose the most appropriate session for your presentation or poster.

31 March: List of presentations (pdf)


  • Past and contemporary environment- human interactions
    • Session chair: Kristof Haneca, Tomasz Wazny
    • Invited talk: Tomasz Wazny 'Trade, earthquakes and tsunami - tree-ring study on Yenikapi harbor in Istanbul'


  • Climate-growth relationship of different tree species
    • Session chair: Jan Esper, David Frank
    • Invited talk: Qi-Bin Zhang
  • Reconstruction of past climate variations: a challenge for the present and future
    • Session chair: Frank Berninger, Kerstin Treydte
    • Invited talk: Kerstin Treydte 'Climate reconstruction from tree-rings: Advances, Developments, Challenges'
  • Divergence phenomenon in dendroclimatology
    • Session chair: Achim Bräuning
    • Invited talk: Keith Briffa
  • Hydroclimatic changes in tree-ring chronologies
    • Session chair: Ute Sass-Klaassen
    • Invited talk: Jaques Tardif
  • Landscape dynamics and climate change
    • Session chair: Rob Wilson
    • Invited talk: Anastasia Knorre
  • Teleconnections in the climate system from tree-rings and multiproxy records
    • Session chair: Yu Liu
    • Invited talk: Hans Linderholm 'Teleconnections in the climate system from a dendrochronological perspective'


  • Treeline and northern tree rings in climate change research
    • Session chair: Michael Grabner
    • Invited talk: Martin Wilmking
  • Tropical dendrochronology
    • Session chair: Fidel Roig
    • Invited: David Stahle
  • Impact of climate variability on stand dynamics and forest management
    • Session chair: Pascale Weber, Christof Bigler
    • Invited talk: Paolo Cherubini
  • Dendroecology of shrubs
    • Session chair: Eryuan Liang
    • Invited talk: Fritz Hans Schweingruber

Forest health

  • Tree rings and insects, diseases and anthropogenic factors
    • Session chair: Risto Jalkanen
    • Invited talk: Hubert Morin
  • Tree rings and natural hazards in a changing climate
    • Session chair: Markus Stoffel, Brian Luckman
    • Invited talk: Brian Luckman 'Dendrochronology in Natural Hazards Research'
  • Forest fires in a changing climate
    • Session chair: Connie Woodhouse
    • Invited talk: Thomas Swetnam

Stable isotopes in dendroecology

  • Stable isotopes and dendrochemistry in trees as indicators of environmental change
    • Session chair: Gerd Helle
    • Invited talk: Akira Kagawa

Wood anatomy

  • Intra-annual cambium dynamics and wood formation
    • Session chair: Annie Deslauriers
    • Invited talk: Jožica Gričar
  • Wood anatomy as an indicator of environmental factors
    • Session chair: Patrick Fonti
    • Invited talk: Katarina Cufar 'Wood anatomy and different data to study the environmental signals registered in tree-rings - overview and example of beech (Fagus sylvatica)'

Technical advances in dendrochronology

  • New techniques and statistical approaches for detecting environmental signals and predicting forest growth
    • Session chair: Samuli Helama, Kevin T. Smith
    • Invited talk: Kevin T. Smith